Monster Hunter RISE Solo TA Rule/How To Guide


Game versions

All versions of the game on Nintendo Switch. If you are posting a run from a version that is not the latest version of the game, please select the appropriate version in the submission form.


Hunt/Slay quests only.

Number of Participants

Solo(no palico / palamute) all the way through.

Runs accepted

This site shows top 3 runs for each weapon per quest. Runs that does not make the top 3 will not be accepted.


The use of the following items are prohibited.
  • Flashbomb
  • Sonic Bomb
  • Meat, Poisoned Meat, Drugged Meat, Tinged Meat
  • Poison Smoke Bomb
  • Traps(Shock/Pitfall)
  • Poison Kunai nd Explosive Kunai(Regular Kunais are allowed)
  • Barrel Bombs(Barrel Bomb, Large Barrel Bomb, Mega Barrel Bomb, Elemental Barrel Bombs, etc)


The following skills are prohibited regardless of if they came into effect or not.
  • Heroics(Lv2-5)
  • Dango Adrenaline
The following skills are allowed if they do not come in effect.
  • Fortify

Endemic life

The use creatures below are permitted(Wirebug + Creatures that activates on contact or hit)
  • Wirebug
  • Great Wirebug
  • Vigorwasp
  • Clothfly
  • Butterflame
  • Peepersects
  • Cutterfly
  • Spiribirds
  • Lampsquids
  • Echobat
  • Tricktoad
  • Pincercrab
  • Flashfly(Only if it did not affect large sized monsters)
  • Damage from Bombadgys
The use of creatures below are prohibited(Creatures you need to collect as an item)
  • Puppet Spider
  • Blastoad, Paratoad, Poisontoad, Sleeptoad
  • Firebeetle, Mudbeetle, Snowbeetle Thunderbeetle
  • Trapbugs
  • Lanternbug
  • Antidobra
  • Aurorturtle
  • Escuregot
  • Stinkmink
  • Gustcrab
  • Brewhare
  • Wailnard

Artilleries and other field mechanics

Use of the following is prohibited.
  • Damage from lava/waterfall when riding and launching monsters
  • Ballista
  • Cannon
  • Machine Canon
  • Dragonator
  • Wyvernshot
  • Repetitive use of aerial attacks using ledges(e.g. aerial GS)
  • Repetitive use of ledges to cancel out recoil
  • Pitfall in the desert
  • Monsters getting their head stuck in a wall when charging into a wall
The following is allowed.
  • Turf war
  • Damage and status effect caused by a small or a large monster to another monster
  • Damage and knockdown by hellfire

Wyvern Riding

  • No use of light/strong attack and evasion counter
  • Only 1 launch per 1 ride is permitted
  • Evade canceling a launch is permitted, but you must take the monster down without further launch.
  • (Updated 2021/05/24) Launches and evade canceling can be used any number of times.
  • Riding non target monster is permitted if a target monster is in vicinity(Riding all the way to the target from different areas is prohibited)
  • Riding a target monster to a different area is allowed. Riding non-target monster to a different area is prohibited.
  • Launching into walls/other monsters is permitted


No changing/restocking items or changing equiments. Use of fast travel is allowed.

Gathering items

You are free to gather items available in the field.


Please upload the video of your run that fulfills the below:
  • Language set to Japanese or English
  • Show damage
  • Video from the beginning of the quest to the end where the time is shown. No fast fowarding, no cuts.
  • No overlays on top of the video that blocks large part of the screen
  • Show skills and dango skills after slaying the target(s) to show that no prohibited skills are used. Please show each page of the skills for about 2 seconds, so it is easy to verify the skills. Skills and dango skills must be shown during the quest.

Status screen

Please show all the pages of the equipment skill and odango skill to show that you have not used any of the prohibited skills.
Automatic video capture program will add a screenshot of the skills shown in the video if you show the skills in the righthand side.

Post quest screen

Example Video

Add later

How to post

The site is currently not accepting new records.


Players using mods, save editing, or cheats will be banned
Known players using mods, save editing, or cheats in the past are also banned.
If you see mods, cheats, or anything against the rules, please reply or DM to @monsterhunterta. Any report will be processed anonymously.

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