List of All Skills

0 LV1 Slot Skill
0 LV2 Slot Skill
0 LV3 Slot Skill
Quest Jump Master
Quest Stamina Surge
Quest Marathon Runner
Quest Master Mounter
Quest Constitution
Quest Spiribird's Call
Quest Carving Master
Quest Carving Pro
Quest Geologist
Quest Wall Runner
Quest Wall Runner (Boost)
Quest Heaven-Sent
Quest Good Luck
Quest Capture Master
Quest Botanist
Quest Wirebug Whisperer
Quest Hunger Resistance
Quest Diversion
Quest Wind Mantle
Quest Leap of Faith
Item Item Prolonger
Item Mushroomancer
Item Bombardier
Item Recovery Up
Item Wide-Range
Item Speed Eating
Item Free Meal
Item Speed Sharpening
Parameter change Attack Boost
Parameter change Water Resistance
Parameter change Ice Resistance
Parameter change Fire Resistance
Parameter change Defense Boost
Parameter change Thunder Resistance
Parameter change Dragon Resistance
Resistance Blight Resistance
Resistance Poison Resistance
Resistance Stun Resistance
Resistance Bubbly Dance
Resistance Muck Resistance
Resistance Blast Resistance
Resistance Quick Breath
Resistance Sleep Resistance
Resistance Tremor Resistance
Resistance Earplugs
Resistance Defiance
Resistance Windproof
Resistance Hellfire Cloak
Resistance Paralysis Resistance
Battle(Attack) Tune-Up
Battle(Attack) Peak Performance
Battle(Attack) Fortify
Battle(Attack) Dereliction
Battle(Attack) Frostcraft
Battle(Attack) Bladescale Hone
Battle(Attack) Latent Power
Battle(Attack) Strife
Battle(Attack) Adrenaline Rush
Battle(Attack) Weakness Exploit
Battle(Attack) Element Exploit
Battle(Attack) Power Prolonger
Battle(Attack) Punishing Draw
Battle(Attack) Critical Draw
Battle(Attack) Agitator
Battle(Attack) Offensive Guard
Battle(Attack) Foray
Battle(Attack) Mail of Hellfire
Battle(Attack) Resuscitate
Battle(Attack) Maximum Might
Battle(Attack) Affinity Sliding
Battle(Attack) Heroics
Battle(Attack) Coalescence
Battle(Attack) Berserk
Battle(Attack) Frenzied Bloodlust
Battle(Attack) Bloodlust
Battle(Attack) Grinder (S)
Battle(Attack) Artillery
Battle(Attack) Partbreaker
Battle(Attack) Powder Mantle
Battle(Attack) Buildup Boost
Battle(Attack) Critical Eye
Battle(Attack) Critical Boost
Battle(Attack) Resentment
Battle(Attack) Counterstrike
Battle(Attack) Burst
Battle(Attack) Sneak Attack
Battle(Attack) Focus
Battle(Attack) Dragonheart
Battle(Survival) # 激励
Battle(Survival) Flinch Free
Battle(Survival) Guard Up
Battle(Survival) Guard
Battle(Survival) Intrepid Heart
Battle(Survival) Redirection
Battle(Survival) Recovery Speed
Battle(Survival) Evade Window
Battle(Survival) Evade Extender
Battle(Survival) Guts
Battle(Survival) Furious
Battle(Survival) Embolden
Battle(Survival) Divine Blessing
Battle(Survival) Quick Sheathe
Battle(Survival) Shock Absorber
Battle(Survival) Blood Rite
Battle(Elem/Special) Stamina Thief
Battle(Elem/Special) Charge Master
Battle(Elem/Special) Critical Element
Battle(Elem/Special) Poison Attack
Battle(Elem/Special) Water Attack
Battle(Elem/Special) Ice Attack
Battle(Elem/Special) Fire Attack
Battle(Elem/Special) Blast Attack
Battle(Elem/Special) Status Trigger
Battle(Elem/Special) Sleep Attack
Battle(Elem/Special) Thunder Attack
Battle(Elem/Special) Paralysis Attack
Battle(Elem/Special) Dragon Attack
Battle(Elem/Special) Dragon Conversion
Battle(Elem/Special) Slugger
Battle(Swordsman) Protective Polish
Battle(Swordsman) Handicraft
Battle(Swordsman) Mind's Eye
Battle(Swordsman) Razor Sharp
Battle(Swordsman) Load Shells
Battle(Swordsman) Horn Maestro
Battle(Swordsman) Master's Touch
Battle(Swordsman) Bludgeoner
Battle(Swordsman) Rapid Morph
Battle(Gunner) Steadiness
Battle(Gunner) Recoil Down
Battle(Gunner) Bow Charge Plus
Battle(Gunner) Spare Shot
Battle(Gunner) Ballistics
Battle(Gunner) Spread Up
Battle(Gunner) Special Ammo Boost
Battle(Gunner) Ammo Up
Battle(Gunner) Reload Speed
Battle(Gunner) Pierce Up
Battle(Gunner) Normal/Rapid Up
Battle(Gunner) Rapid Fire Up
Set Skill Teostra Blessing
Set Skill Kushala Blessing
Set Skill Thunder Alignment
Set Skill Chameleos Blessing
Set Skill Wind Alignment
Set Skill Stormsoul

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