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How to add Qurious crafted armor

Select the armor that you crafted and select the differences between the original and the crafted results.
For slots, please select the difference according to the position of the slot that has changed.


  • Lv3-1-0 changed to Lv4-1-0: +1, 0, 0
  • Lv3-1-0 changed to Lv3-2-0: 0, +1, 0
  • Lv3-1-0 changed to Lv3-1-1: 0, 0, +1
  • Lv3-1-0 changed to Lv4-1-1: +1, 0, +1

I found a bug

Reload the page and try again to see if you are using the latest version.

I see a lot of low def armor set in the result

The search does not try from the highest def armors first, but tries from the armors that best fulfills the skills you are searching for.
Once the number of search result hits the limit(200 by default) the armors beyond that point won't be used, and you may end up with low def armors only.

The set has redundant armor that is setting more skill points than it needs to

Due to how the search algorithm works, this happens when you are searching for small number of skills. Please remove any armor that looks redundant to you.

This set is using more slots than it should

To make the search faster, the result you see uses first combinations of deco found that fulfills the skills you searched for.
To get more precise number of empty slot levels, please use the extra skill search.

What is LV3 Slot equipment? What is LV2-2 slot equipment?

LV3 slot equipment and LV2-2 equipments are any equipment with one LV3 slot and two LV2 slots respectively.

I don't have this armor that shows up in the result

You can click on the result to expand then click on the minus icon to exclude that armor from search. To get the armor that you excluded back in the results again, go to the eq setting tab and click on the X icon next to the armor that you have excluded.

I've put on all the armors and the decorations, but I'm still short on skill points

Click on the results to see which equipment has which skills and points. Make sure that you have the correct equipment and decorations. If the points you have in your game differs from the points in the sim, check the name and

This armor has wrong skill points / slots

The data used in the search is from extracted from the game, so it should be correct. Please check for:
  • Armor in high rank/master rank with a similar name
  • Skill added by decoration that is equipped
  • Skill/slot changed by Qurious crafting
If you still think that the data is wrong, please take a screenshot of the stats in the game and post in the comment section.

What are the "General Purpose" slot skills?

They are placeholders to reserve specific number of slots for certain levels. Use this to reuse the same armors but with different decorations to create different builds.

Search is slow

Due to the way the search works, searching with def or res threshold makes the search significantly slower.
Also, searching for extra skill just simply search the selected skill + extra skill one by one, so it's slow in nature.
Regular searches without any def or res threshold should end within about a second on a PC. If you find your search taking significantly more time, please report
  • Skills you searched for(or the url after you clicked the search button)
  • Weapon slots
  • Relevant charms
in the comment section so I can investigate for possible improvements.

When will the new content from the update be addded?

Usually within 1-3 days. If you don't see the new armors showing up, after 4 days please reach out in the comment section.

Will this be open sourced?


I can't pin/exclude the Qurious crafted armors

The feature is under development.

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